Essay on Does Advertising Manipulate People?

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Does advertising manipulate people?
Discursive Essay



Almaty 2010

Discursive Essay Outline

Essay question: Does advertising manipulate people?

I. Introduction

Thesis statement: Even though advertising today is a big informative source that gives people possibility to know about great diversity of products, advertising controls human desires and mind.
II. Body

A. Advertising manipulates emotions of poor people in their mind by using the exploitation of the specific language. 1. deleterious impact.

2. unrealizable desires.

3. anxious consciousness.

B. Advertising demonstrates objects of people’s wishes on TV screen by catching the attention of
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Thirdly, ultimately this will lead to the anxious consciousness, as all that we see on television or hear on the radio will seem to be impossible. Naturally, all the manipulations of advertisers are the bad effect on our conscious and mind. Due to the fact that young children are not able to understand television ads and, as consequence, they will be consider advertising as truthful and accurate, advertising campaign on television should be limited. Also, advertising of so-called unhealthy foods leads to childhood obesity and poor health. Psychologists claimed that advertising should be limited, because nowadays it has become more violent. According to Mayer (2004), a group of psychologists has offered various versions of the restrictions, they required to ban all advertisements on television shows, arguing that the middle child looks more than 40,000 commercials a year (para. 2). Advertising has become a national nanny for all children. But these nannies teach children how to eat unhealthy food such as candied corn, soft drinks, candy and chips. Advertisers use all their tricks to attract the attention of consumers, even using in their own purposes children and adolescents and people sometimes do not notice the huge bad impact by watching advertisements. Overall, people’s feelings and mind are powerfully exposed by advertising which

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