Do You Live An Exciting Life? Essay

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Do you live an exciting life and wish there was a way you could film some of those moments in your life? And some of the moments would possibly require a very small but yet very versatile camera, if I am not wrong. I have always been the type of guy who likes to get out and do stuff, such as kayaking, bow fishing, and dirt biking. But the problem I always faced was having a camera durable enough for my active lifestyle. I can’t count the number of cameras I have gone through in the past few years. Then I heard from friends of mine about the GoPro Hero 4 black. GoPro has the reputation for producing some of the best action cameras on the market, but with such a great reputation comes a high price. I decided to go ahead and buy one, and was surprised that not only did it live up to the hype, it even surpassed what I thought it would be able to do. There are plenty of other brands out there for much cheaper, but the quality of a GoPro is un-beatable. I recently purchased a GoPro Hero 4 Black for $500 just to see what they are all about, the camera was small, versatile, and the picture quality was very impressive. The Hero 4 Black is the newest and the best camera GoPro has to offer. The hero 4 can shoot a mind blowing 4k quality video and take a 12 mega pixel picture, which is crazy knowing the first Go pros back in 2005 were 35 mm cameras. Also, GoPro seems to try and release a new product yearly, and the quality of the products just keep gaining in quality.
I believe one of…

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