Do School Uniform Policies Violate The First Amendment

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Two sources: P – 12
● For First Amendment Rights:

Franklin, A. J., & Boyd-Franklin, N. (2000). Invisibility syndrome: a clinical model of the effects of racism on African-American males. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 70(1), 33.
A synopsis of the source:
When the Brown v. Board of Education did away with segregated schools, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, gave citizenship protection and equal rights to African Americans, there was a perception that all things were now equal and fair. African Americans males still feel experience spaces where they feel that they are invisible
African Americans are aware of different situations that occur which will allow them to have an internal instinct when a racial situation occurs. When an individual experience the isolation or invisibility, there is an internal conflict for the individual
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A synopsis of the source:
School records contain sensitive information about a student as well as about their family. The content of a student’s record can have an impact on their educational experience. Privacy abuse range from grades being discussed to pictures on the internet. FERPA protects students’ records of those school who received federal funding.
Parents should read everything sent home or mailed to the home about information related to privacy. There is nothing wrong with asking why certain information may be requested. Please ensure that you know what the school or district policies are related to surveys and or third-party access to personal student information. Note that your child does not have to take all surveys or complete questionnaires that they have been provided. Your children can “opt-out” of surveys, test, or other process that they are not comfortable

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