Do Same-Sex High Schools Promote Educational Success? Essay example

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Do Same-Sex High Schools Promote Educational Success?
Kyle Neugebauer

In this paper I am going to try to persuade you that same-sex high schools promote educational success. Single-sex education is an old approach that has recently gained new momentum. When we think about single-sex education, we tend to think just about private schools; however, there is a new push to create same-sex education in public schools as well. There are several arguments and statistics I will use throughout this essay to show you how same-sex education compares with co-educational atmospheres and why I believe that more states and schools should offer these learning atmospheres. I will also share the results of a survey I conducted that
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It is often said that boys and girls learn differently. “Teachers in same-sex classes are able to adopt instructional strategies which are gender-appropriate and gender-inclusive and focus their instruction on the learning style differences of boys and girls. Same-sex classes may improve the general atmosphere and ethos of learning in classrooms and have become a viable option to better meet the learning needs and increase achievement levels for both boys and girls,” (Merritt, 2008). Girls tend to become more vocal as well as grow in leadership traits in same-sex classes. It has also been found that boys can benefit from a structured and very disciplined curriculum in all male environments.
The benefits of single-sex schools are not only academic. Just as importantly, single-sex education has been shown to broaden students' horizons, to allow them to feel free to explore the own strengths and interests, not constrained by gender stereotypes.
Critics of Same-Sex Education
Critics of same-sex schools contend that single-sex education is not the successful educational method that proponents make it out to be. “They maintain that the case for single-sex education is overstated because most single-sex schools are small, private schools with small classes, low student-faculty ratios, specialized curricula, and well-endowed programs and facilities. In addition, students enrolled in such fee-charging private schools are

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