Do Private Speech Language Pathologists Provide The Best Care?

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Do Private Speech Language Pathologists Provide the Best Care?
Speech language Pathologists provide the best service your child can get. However, services are often expensive as OHIP does not cover speech therapy. Parents then turn to either private insurance companies or the school board to seek help. The issue that then arises is that because there is the option of having a school based speech therapist see your child, private insurance companies are reluctant to cover SLP services. Another option that insurance companies deem a potential alternative to a private SLP is training the parent to carry out the duties of an SLP. This study seeks to develop an in depth understanding of SLP services. The study will compare the practice of a private SLP to a school based SLP with the at home help of a parent trained as an SLP. Do private Speech Language Pathologists provide the best service for children? The findings of this study can be used to support parents’ pleas in seeking a private SLP.
Literature Review A review completed researching the effectiveness of parent-implemented language intervention, demonstrated a positive effect on responsive and expressive dialect aptitudes of kids with intellectual disabilities and without. Young children indicated huge dialect development and utilized more complex language than kids whose parents did not get any training. It inferred that parent-implemented language intervention is a powerful early intervention strategy and…

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