Do I See Myself Factoring Motivation 2.0 Into My Future Career?

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Do I see myself factoring motivation 3.0 into my future career? I see myself using motivation 3.0 with everyday discussions. Daniel H. Pink author of Drive argues people with “Type I” behavior seem to have intrinsic motivation. “Type I behavior: Mastery- the desire to get better and better at something that matters” (p.109). That is exactly how I see myself always wanting to learn the most and get better at something to better my future. Especially as I get older and see myself growing I see “Type I” behavior every day. With my future career I will incorporate motivation 3.0 with my work the most I can and try to incorporate it in others as well. I plan on becoming a registered nurse as soon as I finish my education. In chapter six of Drive Pink discusses purpose. To be a nurse you have to live off of purpose. If there is not any purpose why would we continue to do something? According to Pink “A larger pile cash doesn’t bring people a higher level of satisfaction” (p.132). In the medical field especially money has to be off the table when you have someone’s life in your hands. People join the medical field to help others and that is another type of intrinsic motivation. In Pinks view “if you are going to pay people to perform, you have to pay them a meaningful amount” (p.38). In other words the more you pay your employees the better the job will get done. Which is scary if someone is depending on you to help them. You would hope a nurse would try their best no matter how…

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