Essay on Do Eu Migrants Help Improve The Uk Economy?

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Do EU migrants help improve the UK economy?

The aim of this assignment is to establish if EU migrants contribute more to the UK economy than they take out in welfare.

There is a massive misconception amongst people in the United Kingdom that migrants that have come from the European Union move to the UK to simply rely on benefits and drain the system of the tax payers’ money. However, the top two reasons for migration into the UK are to work (i.e. to look for a job or because of guaranteed work) or to study. This is backed up by figure 4 which shows the reasons for migration into the UK. This means that the majority of migrants are looking to contribute to the economy, as they will work and so pay taxes, or are eager to learn and go on to do further education. This means they will get better paid jobs and may even create their own businesses which would create jobs for the country.

For my first research method, I carried out a questionnaire on Survey Monkey and received 50 responses. Questionnaires are a reliable method of research as they are primary sources and each respondent is anonymous – and so people are more likely to be honest. Whereas if the questionnaire was carried out face-to-face, people may feel an obligation to choose the answers they feel are most appropriate and not a reflection of their true thoughts or beliefs. The questions are also specific to this assignment, which means that I can directly relate each question and the answers to this assignment –…

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