Essay about Dna And Profiling, The National Institute Of Justice Funded

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It was 1990 in Goldsboro, North Carolina where the phantom known by society as the Night Stalker had wandered around the streets brutally attacking elderly women. Raped and almost murdered, an elderly woman was attacked in March saved merely by her daughter’s early arrival. Materials had been left behind for the intention to burn the residence for the sheer reason to conceal the crime. Three months later, the same crime had been committed along with the attempt of murder of her husband. Before the house engulfed in flames, firefighters and rescue teams were able to drag the bodies out. The same perpetrator had been found from biological evidence collected from vaginal swabs conducted through DNA analysis. Unfortunately, no suspect had been identified. With the advancement of DNA databases and profiling, the National Institute of Justice funded this newer technology allowing the comparison of DNA profiles of convicted offenders. In April 2001, the phantom among societies had found out to be a previously convicted offender for the shooting into an “occupied dwelling” with his DNA accurately matching evidence found at the crime scene.
With criminals conducting clever, well-thought out plans, the forensic tool of DNA testing is now essential for crime scene investigations. With new technological advancements, it should be thought that this form of evidence is the only reliable source for providing just outcomes in court cases. It is a technique that leads to a criminal’s…

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