Dn A Class Of Nucleic Acids Essay

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DNA is said to be a class of nucleic acids. Nucleic acids make up a person’s DNA.The nucleic acids were first identified around 1869 by Swiss biochemist, Friedrich Miescher. Friedrich Miescher was not sure if nucleic acids held any information so he held back on research of them therefore, DNA was not discovered until 1953. Phoebus Levene discovered the components of the DNA molecule. He was credited for the order in which the components follow, phosphate-sugar-base. Later Torbjorn Caspersson and Einar Hammersten discovered DNA was a polymer.(History, para 10, 2012). DNA’s discovery is credited to four people James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin. DNA is the very most important object in any living things life. DNA can help people find out who the biological parents of adopted kids are, solve crimes, fight diseases, and help replication. DNA unwinds itself during replication so that it can be copied. DNA can be tested in many ways such as hair, blood, cheek cells and urine (Eye on DNA, para. 2). Before DNA was discovered and understood people did not know something that is this small could be so important. DNA is not what most people think it is. Most people think that DNA is just blood well what people do not know is that its much more than just blood. DNA is blood, urine, hair and many more things. DNA can be tested for many different things DNA is tested for crime scenes, diseases, genes, and can even be tested to find out who the parents…

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