Divorce : The Legal Separation Of A Marriage Essay

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Divorce destroys lives! Divorce is the legal separation of a marriage by court. Divorce
Has become a major dilemma, in the United States 50 percent of all couples are divorced. As the years go by in our society it seems that divorce is becoming more of a norm. Many couples who are married and do not understand why other couples are getting a divorce . There are many things that can cause divorce such as money problems, couples going down a different path. There are also effects of the separation such as child depression and alcohol/drug abuse.

A major reason that the two partners decided to call it quits is because of the two have money issues. In the relationship there may be a partner who is making a greater amount than the other and they don 't accept that the other is making significantly less and that may cause them to want someone who is making around the same amount of income as they are which in turn causes the divorce. Spending too much money in a relationship causes a lot of spouses to get a divorce and the reason behind that is because one out of the two likes to buy a lot while the other is trying to save for something like a house or just to save money for a rainy day and they can 't do that when one of them is blowing away all of their money and this is another causation of divorce. Money is not the only reasons couples get into arguments some couples want to go down a different path and one does not want to follow.

Everyone has their own personal…

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