Essay on Divorce Of A Broken Home

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Marriage is something that most people look forward to once they become a certain age. One thing that most people don’t anticipate though is divorce. However in today’s society the divorce rates are higher than the marriage rates. There are a lot of devastating factors that come with divorce but the one that gets overlooked the most is the way divorce effects children. Out of the many ways children can be affected here are four key examples. Divorce forces a child to grow up in a broken home, it can change the way a child feels towards one parent, they may have problems maintaining healthy relationships with people, and it may just change the way they view marriage as a whole. Personally my parents were never married but the effects of their separation on me where the same as if they were divorced. Growing up in a broken home is not a healthy way for a child to grow up. What exactly is a broken home? A broken home is a household where both parents are not always present. No one plans for their child to grow up in a broken home but when it happens many children do not know how to handle the situation. For example for the holidays there was always the battle between my parents as to whom I would be with for the holidays. Depending on the outcome of that there was great potential that one party would get upset and some type of argument would happen. Then there is the fact that one parent may feel as though the other parent is getting an unequal amount of time with the child.…

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