Divorce Is The Legal Dissolution Of A Marriage Essay example

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A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court of law, but it is so much more than that. Divorce is an end to a home that God bright together. One of the reasons that divorce hurts a couple so much is when together get married, two people become one, and when a couple gets divorce they are tearing each other apart. Michelle Dynes, said, “The highest rate of divorce in American was in 1970 to 1980”. There are six major causes of divorce in our social today. The top six causes of for divorce are money problems, people growing apart, interfere of the spouse’s family, mental abuse, physical abuse and adultery. One of the first causes of divorce is financial problems. When two people are joined together one is usually a saver and other is usually a spender. When two different people with two different values on money come together under one roof, it can be hard to balance the financial of running a home. Michelle Dynes, said,” In 85% to 90% of the divorces money problems are the cause for the divorce.” We live in a social that encourages us to spending more than we make. How a couple handles they finances is one of the greatest tests of them character- and they marriages relationship. We must buy basic on our needs more than basic on our wants. We must watch our spending so we will not found ourselves in debt. Having a lot of debt put a lot of stress on a marriage. God, said,” He would meet all our needs not all our wants”. If we are able to separate our…

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