Essay on Divorce Is The Ending Of A Marriage

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According to (2016), Divorce is “the ending of a marriage by a legal process”. However, others define divorce as an act of separation that as become an institution for couples with irreconcilable differences. When couples divorce it affects everyone and everything around them. Some of the main things that are inadvertently effect their children in a negative way, damage their finances, society would get a negative view of the marriage institution and the spouses themselves can be psychologically affected by the changes that may occur. Divorce is a heavy concept that has many effects for those involved. The situation becomes even more detrimental when children are involved. As divorce has become normal in society today, as a lot of children world wide are indirectly scared by the separation of the nuclear family. Some of the things to consider with the aftereffects of divorce are; How extensive are these effects? Also is there time when divorce is favourable to the lives of the children, families and society?
In past years, the dream for girls’ is to grow up and be swept of their feet by their own Prince Charming and to “achieve eternal love” Even though this may be expected - it is barely attained. Mariam-Webster dictionary (2016) defines Marriage as the legal and binding union between a man and woman. Yet when couples marry, they vow to stay by their partner’s side ‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health’. Currently that…

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