Divorce Is A Phenomenon That Affects A Significant Number Of Children Across The Country

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Divorce is a phenomenon that affects a significant number of children across the country. The current divorce rate is 50% (Wong, 2014). This means a large number of students in schools will have or be experiencing the negative side effects of divorce. These effects vary.
“Children’s reactions to divorce seem to be of three types. The first type are those reactions that appear to be normal reactions to the crisis, such as fear, anger, grief, and yearning for the departed parent, and for a family in general. The second type are those reactions that appear to be age-specific, exaggerated behaviors, such as increases in obstinate behaviors, masturbation, and aggression in younger children, and strategic physical, and emotional distancing, and changes in child-parent relationships by older children and adolescents. Third are those reactions that suggest psychopathology, such as night terrors, tics, enuresis, depressive signs, and symptoms, regression, and failure to cope” (Oppawsky, 2014, p. 2).

The types of effects range from more mild to severe. However, it is clear to see a large number of negative emotions and behaviors can occur as a result from divorce. This may be especially apparent if the divorce is presented as a hostile process from one or both parents.
With this in mind, in an effort to mitigate these negative effects, strength-based counseling is an involved process that involves multi-dimensional learning with an explicit approach at problem…

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