Essay on Divorce And Women 's Risk Of Health Insurance Loss

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The article written by Lavelle and Smock, of Journal of Health and Social Behavior 53(4) 413-431, “Divorce and Women’s Risk of Health Insurance Loss”, is one that can link together the social and economic problems being faced by women who loses their health insurance due to being single, divorced or a change in marital status. There is a grave number of divorced women, roughly 115,000, that lose health insurance annually with an average of 65,000 becoming uninsured. The authors, Bridget Lavelle and Pamela J. Smock use data from previous studies and research of their own to provide information of what happens to women’s health insurance coverage after divorce and the impact that it make on their lives. They wanted to have data to show how the loss of insurance affects the health of single and divorce women. “This study broadens the economic consequences of divorce literature by showing that not only income but also women’s health insurance coverage is at risk—an important instrument of financial protection in the event of major injuries or illnesses and a means to pay for routine medical uses (Lavelle and Smock 2012).
In this study, the authors Lavelle and Smock begin by putting their focus on divorces rather than marital disruption which could show that eligibility for dependent coverage does not change. The authors also used documentation that showed women who remains married verses those who divorces differ on baseline characteristics and rates when it comes to…

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