Diversity Is The Quality And State Of Having Many Different Essay

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What is Diversity? Merriam-Webster defines Diversity as the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc. (1). In essence diversity is the number of differences subtle or otherwise found amongst the populace. Thus diversity amongst students is one of a number of points of variation found in the today’s classroom. A seemingly endless array of dissimilarities, ranging from native language, ethnicity, social economic status or even learning style are all present amongst the majority of present day student bodies. Whilst not in itself inherently negative, this rapidly growing catalog of variances found in today’s classroom offer a unique challenges to modern educators. Fittingly enough the various methods and strategies for meeting said are as diverse and wide ranging as the student themselves.

Strategies for teaching diverse students As its often been said, no two people are unlike and thus it stands to reason that no two students are alike, each is a unique individuals with his or her own personal set of variables all of which must be taken into account when teaching. Students should all be made to feel that whatever their culture or heritage that they are no different from any other. Special care must be taken at times, especially when dealing with potentially sensitive subject matter such as historic race relations or prior religious conflict, that no student regardless of their particular heritage be made to feel undesirable or…

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