Essay on Diversity Is More Than Just The Color Of Someone 's Skin

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Diversity is more than just the color of someone’s skin. It is more than cultural customs and social classes. Diversity is a wide-range of characteristics. Sometimes it is used to define statistics of school populations. While some may view diversity as just another percentage on a school’s fact sheet, diversity means more to me. As a pre-service teacher, I did not know what to expect when I registered for my Diversity in Learning class. Honestly, I thought the class would be about modifying our teaching styles to meet the needs of diverse learning styles. Mainly because I thought the true meaning of “diversity”, when applied to the classroom setting, was referring to the different types of student learning styles. After our first class meeting, I was pleasantly surprised with the true meaning of diversity in the classroom. With the conclusion of my Diversity in Learning class approaching, I have gained valuable knowledge to help me shape my philosophy of teaching. My philosophy is to create an atmosphere that facilitates a positive learning environment that respects the diverse culture that may be present in my classroom and modify my lessons to be culturally relevant. First, when formulating my philosophy, the idea of social justice comes initially to my mind. Tackling social justice in the classroom will be a major goal of mine as a teacher. I will also want to diminish the sociocultural, socioeconomic, and sociopolitical systems of privileged and marginalized groups of…

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