Essay on Diversity Among Students And Students Of Color

1106 Words Oct 14th, 2015 null Page
Many scholars have noted that the lack of diversity among professors contributes to the imbalanced success rates between White students and students of color. A review of the teaching and learning literature revealed that words such as diversity, cultural sensitivity, culturally relevant teaching, and inclusion represent catchphrases increasingly used to frame a new paradigm centered on teaching diverse populations. In this paradigm, professors recognize the need to adapt their teaching methods for an ever increasingly diverse student population. Although the issues surrounding diversity and teaching have been well documented in K-12 literature for decades, the focus on such issues in higher education has only recently garnered momentum.
A substantial amount of literature has been written on defining culturally responsive pedagogy and theoretical and practical approaches to reaching students of varying backgrounds. Scholars have suggested that educators who practice culturally responsive pedagogy can have a positive influence on the lives of their students, especially students of color, because they develop alternate pedagogies to complement the educational experiences of their students. A widely established theme in the scholarship of culturally responsive teaching among scholars of various races was the magnitude and the necessity for White educators to embrace culturally responsive pedagogy because of the negative impact that hegemonic Eurocentric ideologies can have…

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