Diverse Animals In Life Of Pi

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Dylan Jia
Mrs. Sarah Wun
Diverse Animals

He was being carried by several people. He wept like an infant just born. His heart is likely broken forever after the moment Richard Parker leaped into the jungle. That’s the most touching scene to me when I saw the movie Life of Pi. After read the book, I understood that the tiger is Pi himself. Also, Life of Pi lets me think deeply of the the relationship of human and animals in this book. I think animals have many function and are a crucial element because Pi lived in zoo since he is a child. Also, during the adventure, Richard Parker inspired Pi to have courage to survive. At the end, Pi said the story without animals.

First of all, Pi lived in the zoo since he was
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The story which Pi said before was embellished by him of using different animals represent different people. Also, maybe the truth is too cruel and terrified to say. After Pi said the real experience, two staffs were totally frightened; “Mr. Chiba: what a terrible story” (Martel, 391). The staffs felt unbelievable; moreover, the truth is simple but also outspoken. Before, Pi used Orang-utan represents his mother; Hyena represents the cook; zebra represents the Chinese sailor, and Richard Parker is himself. The tiger is a metaphor of ugliness of human nature. Also, Yann Martel takes different animals as examples to show diverse humanity. I think the most crucial thing Yann Martel wants readers know is that there is always a tiger in the depth of everyone’s heart. When we’re in desperation, we must to awake the tiger to fright with the injustice and difficulties. In the other words, we have to confront the life if we want to be snatched from the jaws of depth. That’s the most valuable worth of animals in the book.

In a nutshell, Pi grew up in a zoo with a lot of animal friends. Then, a shipwreck happened to him. When Pi lost the hope of life, the tiger inspired him to survive. Pi told the truth of his misfortune without embellishment of animals at the end of the book, so every animal has its own significance in the first story. Therefore, animals are a crucial

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