Distrust Of Media Essay

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The media has always being a divisive source of information, it has always be seen to support one side more than the other, probably with the mentality of helping the right side of an issue, but it does not matter the reason bias is never going to be well received it does not matter if the opposition and criticism starts right away or the anger only expose itself after the issue is not even in question anymore, people grew to dislike and distrust the media not by one or two incidents, but by the history it has of taking sides, the media should focus on giving a report without bias and with all the facts in the table with not room to ignore the truth, there is usually two sides of a story in the media: people in favor and people against it, …show more content…
But the image we have on reporters and journalist or any worker in the media is also a contribution factor to the distrust of media, we see them as disconnected human being in search for a story, without regard of the American people, Fallows start his article with an introduction with a discussion based program called Ethics in America, in the show a member of the military and a journalist discuss ethics within their jobs, the military man choose to save their people if the situation demanded it, but the journalists choose the story over human lives, the military veterans did not hesitate to show and vocalize their contempt, the true is a journalist job is to seek the truth, we can also say they job should be for everybody and not in favor of their country, since the truth is not exclusive to one country and the army job is to protect their country and their people so their answer were consistent with their jobs, after all the military members did say he would torture a man in order to do his job, as Farrows states in the article “In other important occupations people sometimes face the need to do the horrible” (Fallows, 3) but when it comes to journalism or any type of media, the truth is not always told or presented in our society, so their disregard of human lives and lack of empathy seems even more wrong and the American people have a hard time trusting or believing in someone with such indifference towards other human beings, especially with the media contradicted

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