Distraction In Written Language

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Language has been around for many a millennia, but written language has been in use for only the past 3,000 years or so. Written English has been in use for even less than that, but there are many underlying aspects of the language which are overlooked and underappreciated that should be observed more meticulously. Whether it is the medium through which we receive text, Innuendo, underlying connotative meanings, proverbial meanings, or even meaningless words. In today’s day and age, phones and computers have overtaken the way we communicate. There are technologies like e-books that have led to the decrease of library traffic marginally, but programs like OverDrive were resorted to in order for libraries to keep up with the growing demand for them. The question that arises within these gadgets is distraction from these mediums of connection. Distraction not in the traditional sense of the word, but the distraction that changed us to not read word for word and “skim” over large texts to just get a general idea …show more content…
For example, articles like “Einstein 's Theory of Relativity” would have been read and maybe re-read in a time thoroughly before the time of computers for full comprehension.As Nicholas Carr would describe it, now our eyes have adapted to “skim” through not only the prolonged online readings that’s stainuous to our eyesight, but it now does so for every body text outside of the internet as well before moving on do do something else. In his “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr talks about he was once a ”scuba diver in an ocean of words”, but now he is a “jet skiing” across without hesitation .At the gain in ease of information, we have lost our path of concentration. This has impacted me because I have subconsciously felt that I’ve been reading less; However, I read articles all the time online. So what is happening? The reality I’ve woken

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