Disney 's New World : Disney Company Essay examples

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The Walt Disney Company

Have you ever made a wish upon a star? If you have, that may be a result of Walt Disney’s 1940 film, Pinocchio, which first introduced the idea of a world full of fantasy through wishing (Fanning 80). Disney’s new world was not easily created nor successful the first few tries, but with arduous work and dedication his goals came true. Seventy- four years later, the dreams and wishes are still being kept alive through movies, attraction parks, many types of merchandise and an impressive charitable relationship with the public. The Walt Disney Company has reconnected relationships between not only family members but one’s inner self. Walt Disney left behind a dynasty which has brought joy and immense pleasure to millions of people around the world.

In 1923, the Disney Brothers Studio located in Hollywood, California was founded by Walt and Roy Disney (Fanning 46). Walt was in charge of animating the cartoons and Roy was responsible for working behind the scenes dealing with the financial aspects of the new studio (Fanning 43). The studio faced drastic setbacks through the years but was eventually rewarded with a groundbreaking idea, Mickey Mouse. Mickey was the key that opened the door of success for the Disney brothers. Soon enough, Mickey became a beloved cartoon character in the United States and the signature emblem which is associated with Disney. The Disney brothers were pursuing a path that would change life for everyone. With many…

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