Essay about Disney Theme Parks

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Disney Theme Parks

Executive Summary

As the well-known multinational enterprise, Walt Disney company has achieved a great success in its oversea project. The company set up Disneyland in Japan, France and China successively. But it carried out different policies according to different areas. The report will analyze the motivations of setting up abroad. And define

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Executive summary----------------------------------------------------------------(2)
1. Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------(4) 2. Different financial investment methods in overseas Theme park 2.1 Tokyo
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The final agreement is for a joint venture: Hong Kong International Theme Park owned 57 percent by the Hong Kong Government and 43 percent by Disney. And because of this agreement, Disney got a chance to invest over $300 million in Hong Kong.

3. External environment
3.1 Disney in Japan
3.1.1Culture factors of success
First, after world war Ⅱ, Japanese culture has a worship and identity of American culture(Ding&Zhao,2009). A lot of Japanese have a sense of admiration and identity toward American culture, and what Disney represents is typical American culture. In this situation, there is no big obstacle for Disney to enter Japanese market.

Secondly, Japanese advocate collectivism. This cultural characteristic of advocating group activity greatly promoted consumption; bring a lot of profit to Disney.

Thirdly, Tokyo is the first oversea organization for Disney in Asia. Its foreign culture full of mystery and has strong attraction and appeal to Japan, which laid strong foundation for Disney to develop overseas market.

3.2 Disney theme park in Paris
3.2.1Conflict between two different languages
The language is English at the beginning in the park, but French people always think French is the most beautiful language in the world, while English belong to the people in low class. Therefore, asking the employees and tourists to use English in the park led to dissatisfaction and difficult

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