Description Of A Trip To Florida Essay

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What comes to mind when you think about Florida? Do you think about Disney? The food and restaurants?Or the beautiful parks and fun places you could see? Florida is a great place to live because of its beautiful palm trees and beaches. I go to Florida every year because it is a great vacation spot for the family and friends. For one thing, Florida especially has places to go and visit and have fun. Florida is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy yourself.

First, Disney world is located in Orlando,Florida. Disney is a theme park. In Disney World, there are incredible things you can see like Cinderella's Castle and at night, they have a firework show above the castle, also, there are people dressed up as Disney characters and cool rides to
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Legoland is one of the things i've enjoyed doing, for a while, legoland basically is where there are objects build out of legos and you can walk around and view them, the stuff the people can build is amazing and ostentatious. Lowry Park Zoo is like every other zoo, but I like this one better you can interact with the animals and go on rides, going there is so fun with the family, or friends. The Florida Aquarium is an aquarium where you can see lots of underwater animals and swim with the fish. Dinosaur World (theme parks) is a dinosaur park with realistic dinosaurs and you can take pictures with them , which is really cool. It looks cool and detailed and is a fun way to see what dinosaurs were like, and many people are zealous to how well it is put together.

So now when you think about Florida will you think about Disney? The amazing food at restaurants? Or the parks and places you can see? Florida is a great, warm vacation spot. I believe that in Florida you can have so much fun hanging with with friends or family and enjoy yourself the whole time you visit. It is outstanding, that even when the sky is not lucid the temperature is still

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