Essay on Disney No Longer 'Frozen' in Antiquated Gender Stereotypes

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From glistening ball gowns, to fairy godmothers and singing animals- Walt Disney has little girls everywhere growing up, with aspirations of being the next “Anna”. What the mirror on the wall did not teach us, is that the gender portrayals in these movies are not the fairest of them all. Since the first moment that Snow White bit into that succulent red apple, it was obvious that Disney was entrenched in misogyny that dates back to the mythology of Adam and Eve.

Don’t get me wrong: I too was a doe-eyed Disney devotee and it took me a while to realise that it was better to depend upon charming chocolate than a Prince Charming. However it is now the 21st century and times have changed; Disney is no longer ‘Frozen’ in antiquated gender
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It defies Disney’s ‘princess’ mould: the one where some song and dance ensue and they are instantly in love. In fact, this is one of the first Disney movies where the main female character doesn’t get married at the end of the film with a full smile that reflects a duty done.

It’s not only Elsa that shares this rather obvious opinion, Kristoff does also. In the film, he asks Anna “You want to marry a man you just met?” and repeats this in bewilderment. We learn that he thinks people should get to know each other first and that both men and women have their faults: “he’s a fixer upper”, and so is she. Relationships are work, work on yourselves, work on the couple, and in defying gender stereotypes of the perfect Prince Charming, he has his faults and is willing to work on them- it’s about time, Disney!

Elsa’s character arc is arguably the most compelling in the story, and, let’s face it, the “coolest”. As a young child, she is ‘blessed’ with these cryokinetic powers that she cannot control. After an accident with her carefree sister, Elsa’s parents isolate her; teach her that she’s dangerous and demand that she emotionally castrate herself (“conceal, don’t feel”). This line alone, almost seems to encourage young girls to emotionally shut down and conceal their characteristics that make them cute and quirky. This could be purely because they are seen as abnormal of a human, not necessarily just

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