Disillusion Of Green Light In The Great Gatsby

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In the twentieth century of the United States, millions of young people was struck in unutterable confusion. Elusive American dream became the biggest spirit support of them. However, affected by dark society and empty reality at that moment, disillusionment of American dream was unavoidable. Tragedy of Gatsby well proved it. Green light represents life and hope all the time, but green light of Gatsby keeps flickering. In this novel, green light appears just three times while each appearance indicates an extremely vital turning point of the male leading role. Disillusionment of green light indicated end of his life. Accordingly, the three appearances are so typical that they are worthy thinking.
Beginning of green light virtually indicated
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The green light was from across green lamp of Daisy’s house. It represents Gatsby’s pursuit of love.Even Gatsby found Daisy;s voice full of money, he kept wedding everything back to before. But flickering light implies uncertain attitude of Daisy towards Gatsby. As what Nick said, “In that afternoon, Daisy was not as perfect as he imagined. It is not her fault. Because his fantasy was too vivid and too perfect. His fantasy beyond her and beyond everything.” As a matter of fact, Daisy was selfish and cold while Gatsby regarded her as embodiment of everything good in his life. Original dream was beautified an fantastic and windy imaginary. He devoted great passion to this fantastic dream. At last he ended his life with a irrealizable tragedy. His dream was so fantastic that he could not achieve it forever. Although green light existed, the light was too fantastic. Just having money cannot achieve his goal, neither American dream. And Gatsby did not realize real significance for him of green light. In other words, his love for Daisy was also fantastic. He subjectively ignored great changes of Daisy during the five years. At that moment, this kind of emotion was just to make up for the past regret. Maybe he did not find his love not pure as before. No matter what he did, it was not possible for them to go back to the past. Accordingly, …show more content…
This time green light represented his pursuit of money. Although Gatsby was rich and powerful, he looked as if he had “killed a man” when Tom questioned him that he was private wine dealer. It was obvious that in his heart, he was inferior for money and status. He was oppressed people and did not have social inferiors, In that serious hierarchy society, his low status determined his hard life, which caused a tragic result, like Dan Cody, no matter how much money he has, he was never recognized by high society. And this kind of sentiment was a very interesting combination of superiority and inferiority. In the novel, the opposition between east egg and west egg symbolized the opposition between the east and west of America.Gatsby can not have aristocratic breath of eastern people, which was also his biggest knot. Until he died, his knot was not roped. That was why he held a great deal of big parties. His parties was not only to attract Daisy’s attention, but also to conceal inner loneliness. When Nick was confused why Gatsby insisted that he met Daisy, his answer was that he wanted her to see his house. It seemed not unbelievable when we understand his inferiority. Significance of green light transformed from love to money. To some extent his pursuit of Daisy could represent hid pursuit of money and status When Daisy wanted to elope with Gatsby, he should have agreed with her if he simply loves her. It

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