Disguise Is the Main Precursor to All of the Dramatic Comedy Observed in Twelfth Night. How Far Do You Agree with This?

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Disguise is the main precursor to all of the Dramatic Comedy observed in Twelfth Night. How far do you agree with this?
In twelfth night written by Shakespeare there are many elements of comedy. In the play disguise is seen as a crucial element of comedy used by different characters with different purposes. Disguise in the play causes confusion, complications, and Mix-ups. It could be argued that disguise may not be the main reason for all the dramatic comedy. Shakespeare uses a wide range of different styles of comedy which include comic duos, physical Appearances, use of language etc. These also have a big comedic role in twelfth night. In my essay I will be discussing whether disguise is the main precursor or whether there are other
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Also the main part of the play talks about how people disguise themselves to be something else when they are not like that. Also this is Dramatic Irony because the audience know exactly what is going on and the audience know more than the characters like ‘Cesario’ are a women which Orsineo and Olivia do not know.
Another use of disguise in Twelfth night is Feste’s Disguise. Feste is a clown. In the early 1600 rich and powerful people used to hire a clown to entertain them. Clowns were not seen as vital and authoritative. Feste earns his living by moving between Olivia and Orisinos houses to make them laugh. In spite being witty and playful, Feste seems as if he is the wisest character in the whole play. “I would have men of such constancy put to sea; their business might be everything but their intent everywhere”. This shows that he is clever and intelligent and his mind does not match his occupation.
Feste uses a disguise while pranking Malvolio. He dresses up as Sir Topaz who is seen to cure madness hence the Topaz stone which was seen to cure madness which they tried to make Malvolio believe he was. “I prithee put on this gown and beard; make him believe thou art Sir Topaz the curate”. Considering Malvolio is in a dark prison and cannot see Feste’s physical appearance Feste still decides to put it on. This shows

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