Discussion On ' Engaged Pedagogy ' By Bell Hooks Essay examples

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My assignment for discussion 6 was to summarize the assigned readings. Our first reading was called “Engaged Pedagogy” by Bell Hooks. This reading was a very interesting reading on how Hooks describes her experiences as a teacher and a student. The second was actually not a reading but a podcast that was assigned for us to listen to. The podcast was called “The problem we all live with” by This American Life. Which talks about desegregation and integration within schools. I have personally never listened to a podcast so this was new to me. Although I have never listened to one this one was very interesting to me and I am happy that I got a chance to listen to it.
The reading by Bell Hooks talks about how she felt as a college student as well as a student. Hooks talks about how she feels as though the learning process should be a transformative experience for the teachers as well as the students. She believes that the learning process should be more enjoyable and engage the person throughout their mind, body, and soul. She then talks about how the schools were not pushing the idea that the students be involved more in the teaching process but that the students were supposed to just take in all the information and be able to memorize it. Hooks talks about the two “teachers” who gave her support that she needed to challenge the “banking system” of education. The two “teachers” were Paulo Freire and monk Thich Nhat Hanh. Both of their theories inspired her to create the Engaged…

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