Discussing How A Toddlers Learning And Development Can Be Supported

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Early childhood education is the time for toddlers to explore and develop their curiosity about the world around them, and helping them discover new things. Having the opportunities to be able to participate exploration allows for toddlers to learn and develop skills, which will help develop their attitudes towards learning. Also, giving them the knowledge and skills needed to interact with their environment and develop relationships with other people, will help them throughout their education. Therefore, it’s up to early childhood centre and teachers to create a curriculum that promotes and nurtures positive development. This report will be discussing how a toddlers learning and development can be supported. By providing an explanation on how toddlers can be support through developing the four areas of learning; language and literacy, social sciences, health and physical well-being and the arts. Giving explanations on the different learning area and reflecting on how they are related to the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Whāriki. Also, providing appropriate strategies that can be used to support toddlers learning in the four learning areas. 2. Language and Literacy
The development of language and literacy is an important for a toddler’s mental, social, and emotional development. Also, language and literacy are key parts in the development of a toddlers communication skills. According to Dodge, Colker and Heroman (2002), literacy is the continuation of language…

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