Education: The Importance Of The Act Of Education

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Education: Foundation Matters
At what age does education genuinely start and why are people so likely to put off obtaining a higher education? Enjoying the act of learning is a basic skill that is exceptionally effective when taught appropriately at an early age. The focus of this essay is learning through structured play during the early stages of childhood and how it affects educational development in later years of life. Learning and discovering through freeform activities as a toddler improves literacy levels, artistic abilities, and increases attention span as an adult.
Literacy development in adults has recently been tied to early childhood education. The methods in which a child is taught during his or her first few years of life, effectively
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By nourishing and encouraging art in a child’s life, he or she is more likely to appreciate and better comprehend art. This article explains why unrestricted art is useful in helping with development during the early stages of a child. This practice is later shown to assist in strong literacy results as an adolescent. Two examples of educational art activities are simple creations that can be done with any age group, they are both controlled and effective. For example, by using an overhead projector with watercolors, children can create their own water designs. Doing so can help children identify the difference between their creations, while also helping with the improvement of his or her motor skills. Additionally, having the ability to maneuver their fingers in a coordinated pattern strengthens their fine motor skills (Danko-McGhee and Slutsky 15). Another activity that is simple but also allows creativity to flourish is painting on plexiglass. Although seemingly simple, this activity inspires the child to express their art in a non-judgmental environment. By being able to hold a paintbrush, the child is able to strengthen their hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills. The manner in which the child perceives their art allows their visual perception skills to …show more content…
At this point, personal interest begins to play a role in a student’s effort and passion for an assignment. Increased interest ties into having a strong and lengthy attention span when working on classroom assignments. When it comes to higher levels of education, students begin to learn through more in depth processes. Reading and doing research to answer a topic question is more typical among later years of education. As students work to obtain an education, distractions unrelated to school, begin to interfere with learning and studying; the way in which a teacher introduces an assignment begins to play a larger role in whether or not the student emerges himself or herself into the work. In a previous assignment, Alison Bechdel’s “Compulsory Reading” proved an interesting point in terms of forceful tasks and motivation levels. Bechdel makes a valid point when stating that an individual who is forced to read will take away “little good” from their readings (731). When passions become chores, the motivation to do the activity starts to decline. Feeling pressured to do a task is less rewarding than doing something with free will. From personal experience, when asked to read a book, the author of this paper would attempt to read thoroughly, but would end up paying little attention to its contents. However, when voluntarily choosing a book to read, submerging

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