Essay on Discuss The Growth Of Christianity

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Discuss the growth of Christianity in Rome. How did this new religion move from a small fringe movement to the most powerful religion in the Western world? How did the growing Church organize itself to gain control? The growth of religion in any nation, civilization, empire, or group of people is important to forming cultural and political identity, structures, and systems. The impact the religion can have on people is endless and effortless in doing so. The hardest part of religions is converting or adopting a religious belief or getting people to become followers of it. But what is very easy is how quickly and easy the idea, thoughts, and beliefs about a certain religion or religions can travel through groups of people. The similar ideas can be seen to looking at how Christianity was introduce to Rome and how it eventually spread throughout Rome and other parts of the Western world. To start the discussion it is base to begin with when, where, and how Christianity was introduced to the Roman society. “The story of the Christian religion centers on Jesus of Nazareth. Although several scholars have defied tradition by questioning his actual existence, the biblical narrative presents him as a real and charismatic figure. Because historians lack a full and consistent record of his words and deeds, they cannot sketch more than a rough picture of his life. Jesus is said to have been born in the Roman client kingdom of Herod the Great in Jewish Palestine and brought up there…

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