Discrimination Of A Post Racist And Non Discriminatory State Essay

1163 Words Nov 16th, 2014 null Page
Discrimination of immigrants and race have been points of interest in American society for decades after the civil rights movement in the 1960s. The question still stands if society exists in a post-racist and non-discriminatory state. The idea of a post-racist and non-discriminatory society is absurd in light of the disparities that exist among the races and immigrants in America; although, these differences do not stem from direct discrimination being factored into laws and culture anymore, rather they come from socioeconomics, existing history, and circumstances of the race or immigrant in question. The exceptions to pre-existing circumstances give hope to equalization, yet they do not guarantee it to be an end result. Racism and prejudice towards immigrants is steadily disappearing within our society; however, background is still a dominant factor in socioeconomics and pre-existing conditions concerning race and immigrants. Racism in socioeconomics is a main factor in modern day racism. The movement of minorities on the economic ladder is severely smaller and less likely to occur than whites. According to Sean McElwee, African-Americans have become trapped in decaying areas for job employment by housing segregation and terrible schools. In essence, jobs are difficult to find for African-Americans, and their separation and lack of education merely furthers the gap of income between the races. The Institution on Assets and Social Policy asserts that the wealth gap between…

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