Discrimination In African American Society

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In 1619, Africans were abducted from their homeland and trafficked to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia. (Cite) Since 1619 till 1861, Africans and African Americans have been subject to severe physical, emotional, and mental abuse. In 1861, a civil war started a cultural revolution and the mission of assimilation began. From the start of the civil war in 1861 to present day, African Americans have gained their independence from slavery, protested in order to obtain their 1st amendment rights, and are currently battling social prejudices and discriminations. Often, the product of extreme prejudice and discrimination is violence. After several hundred years and several bills passed by congress, the extreme prejudice and discrimination toward African Americans diminished. Even though the social attitude toward African Americans diminished, White Americans continue to express their …show more content…
In this essay, the three major perspectives of sociology willed be applied to the social and economic stigma African Americans encounter. Welfare has been denounce as a benefit for poor African Americans; this stigma has demoralized recipients of welfare and demeaning it only for blacks. This belief is strongly expressed by some poor whites that they have experienced racial discrimination when trying to access government assistance and other government programs (Citation). African American high poverty rates are sometimes acknowledged as an unfortunate fact of American life, but rarely do the depth of African American poverty receive sufficient attention. Because of their disproportionate poverty, African Americans are disproportionately eligible for, and also disproportionately participate in, the safety net programs providing poor persons with income and in-kind material support ( Lonnie R. Snowden Jr.,

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