Discrimination And Discrimination Of The United States Essay

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Each day in the United States there is some kind of event that illustrates prejudice and discrimination. This is not a good thing for our country and needs to be put to an end. In Huntsville, Alabama there are several things that have happened over the past year that involve discrimination. Two stories that come to mind are an Indian Grandfather who was attacked by a police officer and the Department of Justice rezoning the schools. On February 6, 2015 around 8 a.m., an Indian man was out walking in his son’s neighborhood. A concerned neighbor saw a suspicious “skinny black guy” walking in the neighborhood. Because of this the neighbor decided to report it to the police department. The police sent Officer Eric Parker and a trainee to check out the situation. When they arrived, they saw a man walking and Officer Parker got out of the police car and called out to the man. Parker said “Hey bud, let me talk to you real quick. Come here. What’s going on sir?” The man Mr. Sureshbhai Patel replied “India” and “No English.” Parker and the trainee continued to question Mr. Patel and he was still responding “India” and “No English.” From watching the video of the incident, it looked like Mr. Patel started to walk towards his son’s house to show the officers. When he started to walk away Officer Parker grabbed him and put his arms behind hid back and said to him “Do not jerk away from me again. If you do, I 'm going to put you on this ground. Do you understand what I 'm saying to…

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