African American Police Racism

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Joel: Since 2014 there has been a constant problem faced by many African-Americans that has been getting an increase amount of attention as of late: police brutality and prejudices. The majority of films that incriminate police officers involve American-Africans and this leads to a very large problem of mistrust between police officers and the community they need to serve and protect. The most recent event, in Tulsa, worsen as everyone from adults, politicians, police disuse the situation that lead to the killing of the African-American and how the situation could have been prevented. How could the police fix their negative public opinion after this satiation and how the police officer should be punished from this situation? Should the entire …show more content…
If we could look at recent events from Baltimore to Seattle, anyone could see this is happing in many forms of policing from traffic stops to fines. As an example of police using their power to negatively affect African-Americans, “The Justice Department that the Baltimore police stopped pedestrians more than 300,000 times from January to May 2015. The Deportment found that most by police were made in predominantly black neighborhoods without “reasonable suspension” (New York Times, 2016, Para. 4).There are many instances of police affecting African-American in a negative way, police in Ferguson, Missouri African-Americans made up 86 percent of the total amount of traffic stop. However the African-American population makes up 63 percent of the total population in Ferguson, Missouri. There is no need for the police to keep such a have heavy watch on African-American community (New York Times, 2016, Para. …show more content…
I could also see New York Times point since many police do not want to tell on other police. Since, this could get the police offer ostracized from the police force. We should move on to the final question, how will you fix the relationship between the police and the African-American community?

New York Times: I believe one way to fix the relationship between African-American and the police. The police need to have more surveillance because they could help in handling tense situations. Furthermore, according to the Justice Department and the police force need to better recorder keeping when use extreme force from stun guns to taster.

Heather Mac Donald: I disagree with my opponent, but that is a great solution to the problem. My answer to the solution is that we stopping paying attention to the Black Lives Matter. Since they forget police officers always put themselves on line to protect people in the African-American. Furthermore, the date gather about African-American community is beneficial to them, “…..that began in the mid-1990s has saved tens of thousands of black lives that would have otherwise been lost to urban gun violence had crime remained at its early 1990s rate”(Donald, 2016, para

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