Discrimination Against A Muslim Woman Essay

1012 Words Mar 12th, 2015 null Page
Imagine a woman being on a plane with her four children. This woman is Muslim, and because of her religion, she is wearing a hijab. Her children are acting up so a woman passenger decides to go over and talk to the mother. The moment the passenger notices the woman wearing a hijab she yells out “This is America!” Imagine feeling belittled and spoken down to just because they see you differently for having a piece of cloth on your head. Instead of defending the woman against the offender, a flight attendant allegedly told the woman and her family to move to the back section of the plane. This is a form of discrimination against a Muslim woman. Discrimination means to single out, make a distinction, or distinguish and refer to unequal treatment of an individual based on their characteristics, which can include, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age, or even sexual orientation. Discrimination against Muslims in the United States makes our society look inadequate and hypocritical because it goes against what our United States constitution stands for, can allow other societies to discriminate against Muslims, and it doesn’t allow Muslims be who they want to be without pressure.
Discrimination against Muslims is nothing new, but displays of these events appear to have been more common in recent years. There is a range of discrimination that Muslims go through. They include hate speech, violent attacks, verbal harassment and religious profiling.For example, this image is a…

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