Analysis Of Disasters Aren T Special By Lee Clarke

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Lee Clarke’s statement from his book outlines the following statement: “Disasters aren’t special. They are normal as love, joy, triumph, and misery.” (6) From this statement, I disagree with two things, disasters are normal, and they aren’t special. Catastrophes are impractical events that occur when we least expect them. I disagree with Lee Clarke 's statement because catastrophes are life changing events that affect everyone in certain ways, therefore, they should not be looked at as something normal because they don 't happen often. For some, it marks a day that their life has been changed forever, therefore, they should be seen as special. Catastrophes are events that humans try to overcome themselves. In Oedipus rex, the previous king …show more content…
In WW1, many people were hurt because of the war. The war brought food shortages, damages to the homes, and killed innocent people. War is something that affects both sides in some way or another. Dulce et Decorum Est tells the story of what it feels like to be in the war. The poem is very descriptive when telling the story, since the author is very descriptive when telling his story, it is as if you are there experiencing it. Catastrophes are not something that one should classify as normal because because it brings out strong emotions that affect everyone around them. In WW1, many people fought in the war because it was patriotic to fight for their country. They would be thought of as heroic human beings, however, as the war goes on, and more people die they begin to question whether or not it is patriotic or just plain bloodshed. In Dulce et Decorum Est, the narrator saw his comrade die from the gas, “Dim through the misty panes and thick green light, as under a green sea, I saw him drowning” (Owen 10). Seeing the person close to you, a comrade whom you 've fought along side is something that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Owen uses imagery effectively because using words such as “misty panes”, “thick green light” and “under a green sea”, at first it would be difficult to interpret that it would be smoke, however, when looking at it closer, one can interpret that it means a sea of smoke. Saying that these things are "normal" and "interesting" is not ok. The author watched his comrade suffocate to death because of the gas. Viewing things like that should not be considered normal as they don’t happen on a daily basis. Moreover, the aftermath of a catastrophe is just as bad. For the citizens, they have to find a way to find food sources, jobs, fix housing, and deal with death of loved ones. For the soldiers, the have the horrific image of war in their minds replaying over and over

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