Life's Unfair Pitt Summary

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Life’s Unfair
(Sometimes the Earth is Cruel) There are times when so many bad things happen in the world at once, which makes everyone wonder how such horrifying things could possibly happen to such heartwarming people. There are events that occur all over the world every single day that make people question why life's so unfair. Pitt wrote about how there are times where it makes people feel as though bad things always have to happen to people who are most vulnerable. He explained in detail how there are children who are crying because of their dreadful lifestyle, and homeless families who would do absolutely anything and everything for shelter. His argument was basically that most of the time the worst things possible happen to those who are the most vulnerable, not just once, but over and over again. Pitt does many different things in his article to get a certain message across to his readers. First of all, Pitt gave a description of what the Haitian people's actions were after the earthquake
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He feels like us who don’t go through such devastating times don’t do enough about seeing them suffer. We write relief checks, donate blood, and volunteer materials. However, this is only a small gesture considering those are people who will quite possibly never be able to feel as though they are safe or in peace. Pitt believes that we owe them more, because they are so vulnerable that it seems like they always get all the unfortunate events over there. He pointed out that we have limitations, so all we do is send our prayers and our help. We sit there and watch those people get hit by those disasters and weep and then just start all over and rebuild their homes trying to forget that any of that ever even happened. Something that us who just watch it happen don’t realize, is that they have to push through all that with very little help, no matter how cruel the world may be to

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