Disaster Recovery Plan Essay example

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Disaster Recovery Plan
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Introduction Disasters have become an inevitable part of businesses and organizations as well. They not only have a major effect on business and organizational continuity; they also result to an overhaul in organizational operational mechanisms (Awasthy, 2009). It is for this reason that many organizations and business resort to preparing business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans that will facilitate better disaster management in future. Effective disaster recovery plans are important to every business and organization (Thejendra, 2008). This is a disaster recovery plan is prepared for Bain & Company. This plan establishes goals,
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Fire preparedness In case of a fire the employees should report immediately to the nearest fire department office in the area; notify the Incident Commander or Departmental Manager available during that time. If it is a small fire, the person should try extinguishing it using the fire extinguishers available. If it is a large fire, the person should vacate the building and make no attempts to put it out. Once the Incident Commander is on scene, the decision on evacuation will be made. The alarms should be set on so that other employees can be notified of the events going on in the firm. Evacuation should then be made possible by security personnel or evacuation team present. The employees should be warned not to use the lifts or elevators during a fire incident. Employees should also assemble in areas designated for fire assembly (Menken and Blokdjik, 2010).

Bomb/ Terrorist attack Preparedness In case of a notification of bomb or terrorist attack in the firm the first step should be to notify police departments immediately. The attack or threat should then be communicated to the Manager and Incident Commander who will organize for evacuation of the building premises. Other departmental heads and members of other firms within the same building should also be notified (Menken and

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