Disaser Management Essay

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Marvell R. Dean

MHES 509

Module 1

1. How is a response to destruction from a terrorist incident different from a response to a natural disaster? Be specific, give examples, and quote from the readings. 2. You are a volunteer for the American Red Cross. You are to enter a scene of destruction in order to assist wounded victims. What are some precautions that you must take? What are some restrictions placed on you? From whom do you receive clearance? 3. First responders should isolate hazards by establishing control zones. There are three types of control zones. List them and give examples. Cite your sources.

Difference Between Response to
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You need to ensure you have been properly trained and can handle assigned task. Providing relief and comfort for those injured will be a welcome comfort and allow other medical workers to treat the more seriously injured. The national Response Framework has made it easier for Non-Governmental Organizations like the Red Cross to be integrated into the response team. The Red Cross has always had a vital and important role as the nation deals with emergencies or disaster.

Isolate Hazard by Establishing Control Zone

Controlling the area around a hazard or disaster can be difficult especially for the first responders. Not only will they have to worry about the hazard, they must also be concerned about the people affected by the hazard as well as the on-lookers that want a first hand and up close look. First the scene must be isolated by the first responder; this is done, in many cases, without regard for their own personal safety. There are three control zones used to isolate a hazard, the Exclusion/Hot Zone, the Contamination Reduction/Warm Zone, and the Support/Cold Zone (S.I.N., 2008). In addition there must be a Perimeter set up around all three control zones. The Hot Zone or Exclusion Zone is the most dangerous zone because it is the immediate area around the hazard and protective clothing must be worn when in

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