Disadvantages Of Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is created from the earth and it never runs out because it mostly comes from the suns energy so it is constantly replenished. The most common forms of alternative resources that we use today include nuclear energy, hydro energy, wind energy and hydroelectric energy. Alternative resources is termed to configure the differences between fossil fuels and how they contribute to society. These forms of energy are not traditional forms from which you get out of fossil fuels, but they prove to be cleaner and much safer for our environment.

Renewable energy sources create energy in many different forms and ways. For example, the way that hydroelectricity is created can be compared to the way a coal-fueled power plant works. This
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The most obvious reason is that renewable energy is renewable and wont run out. Eventually the resources from fossil fuels will run out, but unless something drastic happens to where the sunlight never shines down on earth again, then we will always have the energy that the sun produces. Another big advantage is that it is saving our environment from adding on to the pollution problem that the world has. These sources of energy do not produce carbon dioxide or any other pollutants, and they do not need to be dug out from the ground. By helping to minimize pollution, it will also make our nation healthier. Pollutants that are carried out through the air can cause serious damage as people breath them in, especially young children and the elderly. Healthcare costs can ultimately drop due to this and can help improve our economy. One more advantage for renewable energy is that it can provide more jobs for people, which can also tie into improving the economy. Although there are many jobs provided by fossil fuels, they are not always guaranteed and heavy machinery is also running them out. When it comes to labor for renewable energy sources, they must be maintained by man in order to carry them

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