Disadvantages Of Plastic Surgery

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“God gave us intestines for a reason. I'm not keen on surgery. It's too extreme. All it took was

one of those plastic surgery shows to see how violent it is.”-Kristie alley. It has been known that

many people these days are trying to reach perfection even in their looks, they believe that looks

are what makes them powerful. Many celebrities or super models look flawless and

many ordinary young girls get effected so the beauty standards are high which leads them to

the plastic surgery road. Plastic surgery first began in India as they started with skin grafting

before 800 B.C. After that, plastic surgery has spread in the western side of the world. During the

20th century the world started using plastic surgery in advance because
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Sooner, plastic surgery was introduced as two types: Cosmetic surgery and

reconstructive surgery. Some people may claim that plastic surgery is actually a very beneficial

procedure because it can boost one’s confidence and look youthful. However, it is argued
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For example,

instead of going through surgery to get rid of weight, a person can start a healthy life

style and join a sports club.

Despite its obvious disadvantages, some opponents may claim that plastic surgery is very helpful

And beneficial to the society because many patients who have had a damaged face or body go

through these surgeries with a successful result feeling more confident and ready to socialize. It

may be true that plastic surgery can be useful as it fixes many problems that may occur either in

the face or body. Nevertheless, some people do not realize the fact that plastic surgery is very

risky and costly. According to Whitlock (2014) “Both types of plastic surgery either the simple

or complicated type have a severe unattractive or unnatural results which are: scarring or even

death”. Likewise, it is highly recommended to go through these procedures or surgeries only if

needed. For example, some people have a good enough reason to go through plastic surgery

because if they do not, People revolving around them might not accept the way they look

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