The Oversight Of The Flock: The Role Of Pastors

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In addition to overseeing the flock, Baxter mentioned that pastors are also responsible for people outside the flock. At the same time pastors are working to build up the converted, they must labor for the conversion of the unconverted. Baxter noted that, “The work of conversion is the first and great thing pastors must drive at”. As ministers of the gospel, pastors are required to go after the lost. The Bible says that heaven rejoices when one sinner repents (Matthew 15:7). Therefore, pastors must take heed and do the work necessary to save the souls. Furthermore, pastors must continue to pay special attention to certain converted members of the flock. Since many members of the flock are content, living with low levels of grace pastors …show more content…
Church discipline requires private reproofs, public reproofs combined with exhortation to repentance, prayer for the offender, restoring in penitent and in excluding and avoiding the unrepentant. All unrepentant Christians must be reproved before the church. Public reproofing serves two purposes, first the offender will be ashamed and second, others might be discouraged from committing the same sins.
The Oversight of the Flock – The manner of this oversight According to Baxter, “Ministerial work must be carried on purely for God and the salvation of souls, not for any private ends of our own”. Although self-denial is required for all Christians, self-denial is especially needed to do the work of a pastor. The office of pastor requires hard studies, much knowledge and excellent preaching. If pastors are not working for God then the work is sinful and hypocritical. Baxter suggest it is necessary that the work be carried on diligently and laboriously because pastors are working to save themselves and others from
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However, pastors are the overseers of the flock; therefore, it is their responsibility to take heed of all the duties the office requires. Baxter noted that, “Bishop is a title which intimates more of labor than honor”. Nevertheless, pastors should consider the privileges of the ministerial office; the nature of the work makes pastors relatives of Christ and the flock. Moreover, pastors should be motivated to oversee the flock because the Holy Ghost directed the ordainers to select those suited for the office of pastor. In fact, pastors should be motivated for the work because Scripture tells us that “The Holy Ghost made us overseers” (Acts

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