Permanent Magnet Research Paper

Oscar Padilla
Oscar Padilla
Oscar Padilla
Mr. McMahon
Period 1
Magnetic field strengths
My science project is about homemade electromagnetic magnets and permanent magnets strength on heat and cold temperatures. I'm going to accomplish this by making three sets of electromagnets and permanent magnets in hot temperature, room temperature and cold temperatures to see how would they be affected by the different temperatures its put in. But the dependent variable is on the magnetic field strength. In the next other paragraphs is research on magnetism and how is it going to be affected by heat and cold temperatures, with other information on magnetism.
Magnetism is created when the magnetic atoms in a permanent magnet or
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They produce magnetic fields by their electrons spin in the same direction as their nucleus and create small magnetic fields. When they truly arrange themselves, they can produce a single magnetic field over all. Some permanent magnets are used in the basis of electromechanical device.
The electromagnets are magnets controlled by electricity and the electrical current makes a magnetic field. They use negative and positive poles to make the magnetic fields. Some soft magnetic metals can be strengthened or weaken by how much electret is flowing to electromagnet. The magnets they can use the flow from a battery into a negative thermal and that’s another way it could make a magnetic field.
Some uses of electromagnets is that they can become a circuit breaker but could be very dangerous.
The curie point is the temperature when the magnetic field patterns change and strength. The most common curie point in ferromagnetism is around 570°C.
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If the paramagnetism is cooled below the curie point it could create ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetism or ferrimagnetism.
The ferromagnetism is when uncharged metals are attracted to others. Lodestone and iron produce magnetic fields by the alignment of their atoms. When their atoms spin in the same direction they reinforce each other magnetic fields. They have saturation
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2 of 4 12/4/2017, 10:18 PM in the entire object that it will composes a single domain. A domain is a colloidal of small magnetic particles on a ferromagnet which creates patterns when poles are present in the metals that have little magnetism in them.
Antiferromagnetism is a type of paramagnetism cooled below the curie point.
Antiferromagnetism from when their magnetic fields align themselves at high temperatures or below room temperatures into opposite poles. The metal has no external magnetism during this process. Atomic magnets in the metal are disrupted by the increasing in heat over the curie point. This is called the Néel temperature.
The Néel temperature is when antiferromgnetism metals are several hundred

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