Women With Disabilities Essay

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People with disabilities face many obstacles in their struggle for equality. Although men and women with disabilities are subject to discrimination because of their disabilities, women with disabilities are at a further disadvantage because of the combined discrimination based on gender and discrimination based on disability. This paper discusses the multiple challenges of the lives of women with disabilities and their exclusion. The possible strategies for social inclusion have also been highlighted. The paper is based on secondary data.

Key words: Disabled, Challenges, Exclusion, Inclusion, Strategies


The disabled population in India has increased by 22.4% between 2001 and 2011. The number of disabled,
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Disabled people are not out of a job because their disability comes in the way of their functioning. The social and practical barriers such as lack of proper access to and around the workplace, lack of education, and the reluctance of employers to hire people with disabilities prevent them from joining the workforce,. As a result, many disabled people live in poverty and are often reduced to begging on the streets of cities. They are denied the right to make a useful contribution to their own lives and to the lives of their families and community. They remain disproportionately undereducated, untrained, unemployed, underemployed and poor -- especially women. Women with disabilities are further disadvantaged by negative attitudes towards disability. Like all other disabled individuals, women with disabilities are often treated as if their particular disability has affected all their other abilities. In society’s eyes they are not capable of earning an income, let alone of living independently.

Employment is a key factor in the empowerment and social inclusion of women with disabilities. Women with disabilities are also significantly poorer than men with disabilities, partly due to the fact that they are more likely to be unemployed and partly due to the fact that when they work they receive considerably lower wages than men with

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