Dimensions Of Talent Management Case Study

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Organization world over are considering the adoption of new work practices, such as problem solving teams, enhanced communication with workers, employment security, flexibility in job assignments, training workers for multiple jobs, and greater reliance on incentive pay. This work provides empirical evidence to address the question; do these human resource management practices improve organizational resilience. Ability to respond and ability to monitor invariably improve on organizational resilience (Barney, 2007).

Dimensions of Talent Management
2.2.1 Talent Identification
This is the process of finding the right people for each job by understanding what constitutes success in a particular role. It is the finding of candidates with the capabilities
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There will be a shift in the overall role of HR and the focus will be centred on the development of people for increased productivity. HR will only invest on high-pots in order for them to become effective leaders (Judhajit, 2015). The name of the game, for organizations is having the “right” talent, not necessarily the “best” talent.
Organizations need a small percentage of top players who will be counted on how to lead the organization in key positions, but in any organization, if only 20 percent of the people are contributing to the overall performance; the remaining 80 percent are either a financial drain or an opportunity cost.
In organizations, who strive to mobilize their work as a competitive advantage, the idea is to involve not only top 20 percent, but also the majority of people who make up the “good” and “better” people. For example, one of the principles that organizations, like General Electric and Schlumberger Limited practiced during the late 90’s, and still do today as leaders in their respective industries, is the importance of finding people who are the “right fit.”
This does not mean that these organizations aren’t able to attract a high level of talent, but rather, that they’re more interested in attracting and hiring those interested in what the organization has to offer over the

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