Digital Media And Social Media Essay

1959 Words Jun 18th, 2015 null Page
Digital media and social media have changed the way we receive the news. Instead of a few television stations or newspaper companies, there are thousands of outlets to receive the news. With more and more ways to get the news, there naturally must be more people involved in reporting and interpreting the news. This paper will discuss how digital media and social media have diluted the power that ‘old media’, such as television, radio, and newspapers, once had in reporting the news, which has led to encourage greater democratic participation of people.
Thanks to the Internet everyone has the potential to be a blogger. Everyone has the opportunity to write a blog about a certain interest, whether it is sports, cats, politics or world affairs. Not everyone will get a lot of traffic to their blog and most will never know become viral or get enough followers to quit their jobs and blog full time, but the opportunity is certainly there. Blogging supplies a new vehicle for participation to those who may not have been able to participate before (Pole 2010, p. 4). This is especially true in countries that are not democratic, but have Internet access. We have seen in the Middle East stand up to dictators and use social media to organize protests and movements. We also see this happen in countries that are democratic like the United States and Australia. Online journalism has become an accepted medium for getting the news. Websites like Buzzfeed or Politico are not only effectively…

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