Different Types Of People Come Into Our Lives Essay

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Many different types of people come into our lives for many different reasons. We learn and take advice from different experiences we have had with the people in our lives. Living in a Catholic based house all of my life, I had many people who led me down the right paths through my life. I was blessed with many family members who could be an example of the person I wanted to be in life. In Anne Lamott’s ,Why I Make Sam Go to Church, while based on the reasons she brings Sam to church, it is also about her journey of self discovery. She discusses the experiences she has had, the people she has met through St. Andrews, and how they have impacted her life as well as her son’s life, “The main reason is that I want to give him what I found in the world, which it to say a path and a little light to go by” (Lamott 100). On top of her experiences at the Church, she discretely gives us information about her personal life outside of St. Andrews. All the information she gives us, leads into this idea of identity. Identity is the qualities, beliefs, and expressions that make a person who they are. By rejecting her past and her past identities, it allows her to embrace her new identity. She rejects the stereotypes placed on single moms and instead embraces the positive identity of motherhood. Because of the information Lamott shares with us about her personal life and experiences with St. Andrews, the reader can analyze Lamott’s identity and her purpose in life.
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