Different Types Of Love And Their Effects On People Essay

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Have you ever wondered the reason why some individuals have better relationships and marriages than others? This paper is going to help you understand the factors that play a big role in people’s lives. First, we must understand that the way we are with people around us and our partners is developed as a child. The attachment theory explains that the close relationships and special bond between a baby and a parent has an impact on how people develop different types of love for those around them. Furthermore, we must also examine different types of love and their effects on people as they grow. After analyzing all these factors a person is able to understand people and their relationships. The first style of attachment is secure attachment. People who have this type of attachment have the most loving, successful relationship. This is because their relationship is based on trust, communication and understanding. These are the people who support and encourage their partner to do better in life and stick with their partner during the good and bad days. They understand that their partner have a life and give their partners space when space is needed. For these individuals there are no insecurities or jealousy because they are confident their partners are only is interested in them. In addition, they accept their partner just as they are. These people do not focus on changing their partner’s imperfections but focus on finding new ways to make their partner happy. Moreover, the…

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