Different Stages Of Prejudice And Martin Luther King Jr.

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Fear controls attitudes and decisions.
The world works in mysterious ways. The way it has developed overtime brings society to different stages of prejudice. Racism is manifested through culture clashes, and the behavior and attitudes and most of all fear. Many people in America feared what was unknown to them they wanted power and control. In order to control the fear they needed to make themselves known that they were superior, to those of different racial backgrounds. This brings about the way that racism is manifested through ignorance and fear. Not only did whites manifested fear but also African Americans, and if fear had not controlled the situation maybe racism would have not taken the path it did.
Prejudice comes from fear and
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was an extraordinary man who believed in non-violence. He achieved what most people believed was undoable. He gave African Americans hope, he gave people something to believe in. He believed in a peaceful change. He became the leader of the civil right Movement after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. He inspired many for change, and to fight for freedom. “I have a dream Speech” gave inspiration, and more strength to make a difference. Martin Luther King Jr. made Whites fearful for change this is why Martin Luther king was jailed many times. He lost his life fighting for equal rights. He made a change, he changed the lives of many. Ronald Regan dedicated a special day dedicated to Martin Luther King, which we continue to …show more content…
Whites feared losing power and control. Blacks on the other hand feared Speaking up because they could were not powerful enough to speak up. Can you imagine a world where there was no racism? Think not, because it is impossible for the reason that as human beings we are socially programed to be judgmental racist, ignorant, and most of fearful. A persons attitude changes because it becomes difficult adapt to change Prejudice has overcome many obstacles, and it will continue to get better as time passes by. But fear stays the same, people live with fear and it clouds their judgment, due to fear we create life changing obstacles. And we can ask for, is the strength to help us keep going, and for racism to not change its path in a negative way. African Americans have gained their freedom but still deal with racism every day and racism is not only for blacks but also for all

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